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Rc helis for iphone 4, ipod, iphone 4s, iphone5

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Rc helis for iphone 4, ipod, iphone 4s, iphone5
Update Time:10-22-2012

1. Iphone controlled rc helicopter, popular in rc toy field, is very easy and convenient to control. Download rc helicopter simulation from app store, then you can enjoy your iphone controlled rc helicopter on your iphone, compatible with iphone 4s, iphone 4, iphone 3GS, iphone 5, ipad, ipod.

2. We can provide full set of series of iphone controlled rc helicopter: TF2144i which has the latest software version; TF2347, the iphone controlled 3.5ch metal series heli; TF2331A, the iphone controlled airwolf helicopter simulator; TF2229A, the missile shooting iphone controlled rc helicopter; TF2394, the iphone controlled 4 channel mini rc helicopter; TF2348, the iphone controlled rc helicopter with camera( also can be controlled by infrared)

3. Iphone5 is on sale in the market in 21th Sep. 2012, all the rc helis for iphone of course also can be controlled by iphone 5.