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new radio controll UFO, DIY flying saucer

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new radio controll UFO, DIY flying saucer
Update Time:10-11-2012

What’s the DIY rc ufo flying saucer? A new arrival rc helicopter toy? Actually, this DIY rc ufo flying saucer, with the same flying system with rc helicopter and flying UFO configuration, is a 2.4G flying model helicopter toy. It flies at the height of 60 meter and 50 meter horizontal distance thanks to its 2.4G control system. It is made from EPP materials which is very flexible and anti-crash. The DIY rc ufo flying saucer is suitable for indoors and outdoors. This assembled rc helicopter, with outside colorful flashlights, can take photos and videos. Every assembly point has barb to avoid dividing.

You can go to Youtube to see how to assemble the DIY rc ufo flying saucer and its whole flying video :