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Remote control model car

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Echo Lu
Echo Lu
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Remote control model car
Update Time:07-03-2010

Remote control model car for short RC Car, RC model car is not a toy car, it is "really down version of the car", it has the same power and automotive systems (engine, gears), and suspension system; a high-performance tires, you can bear with considerable F1 4 G of centrifugal force. It also has a real super sports car? control among those who feel. If the RC Mini car to enlarge the size of real cars, I believe Ferrari, Porsche is not its opponents, to 1:8 (the real one car down to 8) Ping Road RC model car engine, for example, in the short short 1.6 seconds to complete 0-100KM acceleration, and can easily reach 140KM, how can a child's toy and what do they have such a performance too! To be more simpler, remote control model car is in fact an epitome of a true sports car, but we are not sitting in the car control Bale. Performance on behalf of high cost, but the remote control model car and universal love, not just the rich stuff. I believe many people interested in a number of model car enthusiasts see the car in time to play, would ask: "How much is this car? Able to run more popular here?" When they heard the answer, so most will be surprised ...." you? not that children's toys? "I believe most fans will tell you:" Oh, this is not a toy. "pursuit of performance of players, remote control cars use a lot of high-tech and advanced materials. This determines the price of universal remote control cars more expensive than the toy car. However, not all are pursuing the ultimate remote control car performance and super-expensive, there is a lot of performance was not so high, the price is relatively cheap universal-type remote control cars, the domestic wage-earners can afford. And the universal type on driving skills, equipment requirements are not that high. Less investment, less maintenance costs. Perhaps you might ask, why not I only buy a maximum performance? In fact, beginners do not have the control of high-performance vehicles, technical ability and experience, as people who just can not control tests are the same as the Ferrari sports car. So, playing remote control cars, or to playing from the entry-level car. And universal-type car looks like with more authenticity, the real thing can be accompanied by a variety of several car shell, so you do not need to buy expensive cars can also have its dynamic appearance.